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Vogue Condé Nast’s CondéFuture Program

During 2022, photographer Helena Lines, had the honor of being selected through Vogue’s Photo Vogue to take part in mentoring students of Condé Nast’s CondéFuture Program which is an NYC-based pilot program targeting high school students from underrepresented communities. Led by Condé Nast’s creative and editorial teams, CondéFuture is a new initiative that seeks to inspire and nurture future generations of creative talent globally.

Photo Vogue @vogueitalia

Parfum Saffron Flower

Thank you so much for this wonderful work. Pictures are amazing. We really love them. Thank you very much.

L'Officiel Magazine

"Wow! I love it. Your editorial is so strong. Thank you for an amazing editorial!" "It’s a beautiful editorial. Your work is excellent! Everything is excellent. Composition Styling Lighting"

Dimitri Editor in Chief - L'Officiel Magazine - @lofficielau


Working with Helena was one of the most fun and eye opening experiences. She truly makes you feel so beautiful and not only provides such talent but also support. Helena’s heart and soul goes into the art she creates and with her help and guidance I was able to secure an international contract within a few short months of working with her which, is a dream come true. She helped me learn to love and grow into my body and I will forever be grateful for all the hard work she put into helping me succeed. UPDATE I had an amazing time modeling in Paris!

@rachelbainofficial International Model

Ay Lelum - The Good House of Design

Helena is amazing to work with. She is dedicated to capturing images that represent our brand while respecting the cultural aspect of what we do. Her images, covering three collections, have garnered viral attention on social media as well as have been published in countless magazines and editorials worldwide including Vogue Italia. We are very pleased with Helena's work.

Designers @aylelum - Fashion Designers Ay Lelum - The Good House of Design

Makeup Artist Ashly

Have you ever had so much gratitude and appreciation for someone in your life? For me it’s @helenalines professional photographer who scooped me up in 2015 and we have been working together ever since. Because of this beautiful woman my work has been published in so many magazines, including Vogue.

Tracy Bain

From the very first session Helena made my daughter feel at ease which was consistent throughout this journey. Helena is very professional and our experience with her has been fabulous. She is genuinely very caring and patient, incredibly passionate and creative, and clearly loves what she does. This whole experience has been so much fun and Helena has opened up a whole new world for my daughter, which has resulted in some amazing life changing opportunities. I have been able to accompany my daughter on an international modeling contract and my daughter modeled in Paris! I would totally recommend Helena without doubt or hesitation. Thank you for everything Helena!

Tracy Bain Mother of International Model @rachelbainofficial

L'Officiel Magazine

Hi Helena, Thank you for an amazing editorial! Kind Regards.

Dimitri Editor in Chief - L'Officiel Magazine @lofficielau


Working with Helena Lines has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my modelling career. She knows how to tailor a photoshoot based on the individual. My photos have immensely boosted my portfolio. She really makes me feel so beautiful on and off camera. My biggest achievement to date is being published in Vogue Italia four times and that couldn’t have been possible without the hard work and skills of Helena. I’m forever grateful for her.

@bernicearakal International Model

Christopher Bissell

Helena Lines envisions every detail of the look and knows exactly what she wants to shoot. She has meticulous attention to detail and as a photographer I find her photography work truly amazing. From the UK I have called upon her for editing work required by my clients. Priscilla required specific retouch work for Elvis' new cover and Helena delivered. Helena is a true talent on the West Coast.

Christopher Bissell UK Fashion, Advertising and Britain's Next Top Model Photographer

Parfum Call Me Iris

Hello Helena, I hope all is well with you. We are just back from the event TFWA in Cannes, France. We saw the amazing pictures. We are in love with the great work you did. Thank you so much, it's just amazing

Nadia Benaisa Perfume Brand @lessoeursdenoe

Gundula Couture

Hiring and working with Helena Lines has been one of the most amazing and inspirational times in my journey as a designer in the fashion industry. Shooting for L'Officiel magazine, Helena understood the feeling of my collection and captured it ever so elegantly with amazing precision. As a new fashion designer, having my designs published in an editorial spread in L’Officiel Magazine was a dream come true. Her team was spot on and I couldn't have asked for a better group of professionals. It was a great honor working with Helena and I will be sure to use her for future photography work for Gundula Couture.

Gundula @gundulacouture - Fashion Designer

Botanical Bliss

I have been repeatedly impressed with the quality of her work both as a professional photographer and a talented editor/designer, her attention to concept and detail, and her passion for every aspect of her work. And best of all, she is a lot of fun to work with!

Robin Botanical Bliss Skin Care Beauty Products


Helena and I started working on my portfolio build and within 3 months I had published images for fashion and beauty, I had an international perfume campaign, 2 agents and a 2 months later, I flew out on my first international modeling contract. I am in Vogue UK, Harpers Bazaar and BAHM magazine, a Neutrogena campaign and modeled in NY with Coco Rocha! All of this within 6 months of working with Helena! Thank you for making this work with me. UPDATE for 2023 Ella just returned from another international placement, has bookings again in NY and then to Europe.

Ella International Model, Actress, Ballerina @ella__barnsley

Giggy's Beads Boutique

Helena respectfully honoured the message of the art being photographed and everyone involved in the photo shoot, artist, models, makeup/hair etc . She captured some beautiful unique photos in one day of a very large art collection. Lighting and poses were strategically done with products, models and hair & makeup all in kept in mind. Capturing colours and crystals with unique lighting she used helped to increase the beauty and features of each subject simultaneously. The overall feeling of the photo shoot was of artistic photography and professionalism

Val Davidson-Oar Giggy's Beads Boutique @giggysbeadsboutique

Laura Cooper - Coultish Model Agency

Our agency has enjoyed working with Helena for the past few years. She has a creative eye and inspires a wonderfully artistic element to her images. Our models find her to be professional and kind to work with and we are always pleased to add her images to our models books. We look forward to working with her in the years to come!

Laura Cooper Coultish Model Agency


When I first met Helena, I was completely new to the modelling industry. I had no knowledge of the fashion business and had very little confidence behind the camera. When working with Helena, she constantly helps you on what you can improve on and makes the photoshoots extremely fun and educational. Shooting my portfolio with Helena was absolutely incredible as I ended up with many different tearsheets that target different areas of the modelling industry, including swimwear, commercial, editorial, and beauty. Her vast experience in the industry is evident in the way that she creates her art. To anyone watching her at work, you can tell immediately that she is in her element. Her skills go beyond photography as she always has her eye out for innovative ways to incorporate objects into the shots. I have developed many connections through her, including paid jobs working with NYFW designers. My work with her has been published in BAHM magazine, VOGUE Italia and others and for this, I am incredibly grateful as being featured under such names is a huge push forward in my modelling career. Helena introduced me to my Mother Agency through which I have attended modelling conferences and networked with agents from across the globe and I got my first international modeling contract. Additionally I have modeled in Paris! I would have never achieved any of this without the guidance and skills that Helena taught me. Because of her, I take every stride of my day, whether behind the camera or walking down the street, with confidence. Model Lindsay @linds.jferg

Lindsey International Model - @linds.jferg

Hannah Biro

Helena is an amazing photographer who not only made me feel comfortable working with new people and in different settings but also took the time to mentor me in this fast pace industry. She taught me to move with confidence in front of the camera. She helped me build my portfolio creating my brand. With her help I’ve signed with two agencies, auditioned for international agents, walked (modeled) for over 20 international fashion designers, and to top it all off, my photos from two of our photo sessions were published in Vogue Italia! I am so pleased to have signed an international modeling contract - I am so excited. Helena has been so much more than just a photographer to me, she has been a friend and a mentor and I can’t thank her enough. She is so much more than just a photographer, she has helped me to build my confidence inside the modelling world and the outside world. Thanks so much Helena! UPDATE!!! Thrilled to once again be in @vogueitalia I couldn’t have done it without the amazing @helenalines

Hannah Biro @hannah.biro - International Model

Laura Bonner

My baby did it again!! (in VOGUE ITALIA now in two different editorials) Heartfelt thanks to @helenalines photographer/mentor. To say you are an artist is such an understatement. Thank you for all you do.

Laura Bonner Mother of Model - Hanna Biro


Helena's vision, skill, and creativity constantly amaze me. She sees the world through an innovative lens, and is always finding new ways to express statements through photography. Each image is unique and powerful. Working with Helena has been such a valuable experience, since she was an international model herself, she knows exactly what it takes to get the perfect shot from both sides of the camera. She taught me how to move and how to get out of my comfort zone to really express emotion for the shot. Helena introduced me to two modelling agencies which I am now signed with. I was then able to go with my agent to Paris, Milan, Versailles, Monaco, and Rome where I got to model for international designers. My work with Helena has been published in magazines including VOGUE ITALIA, BAHM and many other magazines. I am incredibly grateful since having tear sheets from such prestigious names is incredibly beneficial to advancing my modelling career My agents now have my promotional portfolio overseas being looked at by other agencies, and I cannot wait to travel again. Helena is truly brilliant, and I am forever grateful for all she has done for me. Because of her I get to do something I love for a living. I am lucky to know her.

Seanrei @seanrei_official - International Model

Erik Perrins

I did my first ever photoshoot with Helena. She immediately put me at ease, had great locations planned and gave clear, encouraging advice. Before that day I never would’ve dreamed I would be living in London pursuing a career as a model. Not only did she inspire me, she enabled me, coached me and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in this industry. Without her continuing energy and guidance I would not be where I am today. Thank you Helena so much for all your support over the past couple years. It means the world to me!

Erik Perrins @erikperrins - International Fashion Model

Aspen Annala

My experience with Helena Lines has been absolutely incredible. I met her late December of 2018, and by May, I did my first session with her. It is easy to tell she is so passionate about what she does, and she believed in me so much right from the start- that really helped me to learn and grow so fast with modelling. I had never done any modelling before. With Helena’s extensive experience, coaching, encouragement and unwavering belief in me, I was on the cover of BAHM magazine. I have a total of 16 tear sheets and 2 cosmetic advertisements- a whole impressive portfolio! Helena again encouraged me to apply for Vancouver Fashion Week. I was accepted, attended each of the 7 days modeling for 11 international fashion designers and I absolutely loved it. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much. One week after VFW, I was offered a double contract with international agencies. Helena- she is truly amazing and puts everything she has into making her models successful. I could never thank her enough! I have a portfolio full of tear-sheets including our work for L’Officiel and BAHM magazine. I was on the front cover of BAHM Magazine, plus with Helena I have done 2 cosmetic advertisements as well.

Aspen Annala @aspensdisco - Fashion Model


I wanted to get into modeling but it was hard for me to get into the industry. The agents I met in Vancouver didn’t want to take a chance on me and said I was too thin. Helena told me my look is unique and what is in the industry called “strong”. Helena said that although my frame is thin that there is a market for me. She worked with me to grow my portfolio and made sure I got the magazine tear sheets I needed to be ready for an overseas modeling contract. I had always dreamed of becoming a model my whole life and thought it would be easy and fun to stand in front of the camera. But Helena explained to me that I needed to be able to not just look the part but to be able to move and create expression and shapes with my body and face while still making the outfits look amazing. I had to learn what angles were best suited for my body and face. I had to learn to “let go” of my fear and to move freely and confidently in front of the photographers. It was a lot to learn! She was really patient with me and mentored me until I learned. After I had a great portfolio, I signed with international agencies. I love my work and I live in Barcelona and model all over the world. Thanks Helena for teaching me modeling is a business, believing in me and helping me believe in myself.

Anja International Model

Aleeya Middleton

Before meeting Helena, I had met with many other people; all of which were not willing to mentor me and help me take the beginning steps toward being a model. From my first conversation with Helena I knew that if someone was going to show me how to be successful in this business it would be her. Through working with her I have gained a confidence that I never knew existed. She has taught me how to fluidly move in front of the camera and how to feel confident in what I am doing. I have a portfolio of published tear sheets, two agents and have auditioned with several international agents who have expressed an interest in signing me to work overseas.

Aleeya Middleton @aleeyamiddleton - Model

Alexis Taylor Middleton

Supporting my daughter, Aleeya, in her dreams to model with an amazing portfolio required much research. Without question, Helena Lines absolutely delivered! Her professional approach to her models and photoshoots are exceptional, with great care taken for each session. Helena is unparalleled in her field for her artistry and has created with my daughter a collaboration of exquisite work to be very proud of. The time my daughter has spent with Helena has only added to her repertoire of tools in blossoming as a confident young woman. Aleeya is able to knowledgeably enter the modelling world and its demands with grace, professionalism and a magnificent portfolio. Thank you Helena Lines for sharing the beauty of your lens with the world!

Alexis Taylor Middleton Mother of Model

Aluel Lual

Thank you!!! It was such a lovely experience for myself to get a chance to work with you and the rest of the team! The energy was fantastic.

Aluel Lual @aluel_lual - Model

Ikem Ngozi

I first met @helenalines an incredible human being, around September of 2016. It was after a fashion show and I had the opportunity to be introduced to her, after speaking with her, I knew that it would be an honor to work with her and I wanted that really badly. She gave me her website, and as soon as I was back at my hotel room I sent her a message on her website. I wasn't sure she would remember me but I hoped. Believe me when I tell you that @helenalines is one of the reasons I'm as comfortable and confident in any shoot. She believed in me when I needed it the most, took a chance on me and helped me in more ways than anyone could imagine. Not only did she help me land my first ever magazine job but I also got the cover! Helena also photographed me for Vogue Italia! @helenalines I want to thank you, I really appreciate and love you. I really don't know how things would have turned out if I didn't meet you, but I'm glad I didn't have to find out. I miss you and can't wait to see you again soon!

Ikem Ngozi @_beth_101 - International Model

Mary Chan - Chan International Model & Talent

All I see and know Helena is “that you are so impressive personally and professionally”. Super proud of what you are doing with your photoshoots and the magazines. My honour for working with your models Helena. They are very special. Thank YOU sincerely for setting the models up with AMAZING PHOTOS. I sooo love our teamwork. Thank you again for allowing Chan to be a part of your vision and projects!

Mary Chan @chaninternationalagency - Chan International Model & Talent

Olivia Arvi

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Helena for four meaningful years. She has been an incredibly kind and supportive person to have helping, guiding, and photographing me during my modelling career. I have countless numbers of lovely photographs from Helena and have been published in Vogue!. They have been a wonderful addition to my portfolio. My experiences photo shooting with Helena have been my favorite among my career. She is very helpful, supportive, encouraging, and fun to be around. I have always looked forward to my photo sessions with her; as I know she is always able to capture beautiful photographs. Helena is a wonderful photographer, friend, and guide. I am thankful for all the photographs and memories I have from shooting with her. I have been signed to an international modeling contract!

Olivia Arvi @olivia.arvi - International Model


Helena helped my daughter Skye in her dream to become a model. Right from the beginning when we met Helena she was very informative about the modelling world and provided much needed advice to both of us in regards to this. She was always professional and super creative in the time she dedicated to Skye in order to provide her with a well-rounded portfolio and Skye’s photos turned out absolutely beautiful. The photo shoots were fun and extraordinary and a great training ground for Skye in her modelling career. I am so proud to see Skye’s published photos and she met international agents and is up for modelling contracts overseas. We couldn’t have done this without Helena and her superior talents! Skye just returned from an International modeling contract where she enjoyed success and had a lot of fun!

Star Mother of Model - Skye


I am grateful to have been able to spend so much time with Helena and appreciate all she has done for me in my journey to becoming a model. She helped me significantly and I wouldn’t be where I am without her! Success achieved in International Placement.

Skye @skye.models - International Model

Aja Bueckert

I am very excited about my portfolio that I have built with photographer Helena Lines. She got me into magazines and I now have enough gorgeous photos and magazine tear sheets to get an international modeling visa. She also introduced me to Britain's Next Top Model photographer and produced the shoots for an international magazine and a book.

Aja Bueckert Model

Hayley Uytterhagen

Photographer Helena Lines discovered me while I was shopping with a friend. I am so happy she approached me and I took a chance. She taught me how to perform as a model in front of the camera. I feel beautiful and very confident to take on any modeling job. Helena put me in magazines and I have gorgeous images that I will cherish forever.

Hayley Uytterhagen @hayleyuytter - Model

Shelise Lindo

I was introduced to Helena through my mother agency Chan International. Working with Helena has been a great experience and opportunity to build my portfolio, I’m now internationally visa ready! Her photography is of great quality, all my final shots I’m proud of. Helena is awesome to work with and I can’t wait to shoot with her again.

Shelise Lindo Model, Actress

Colleen Uytterhagen

Before we met Helena, a model agent told my daughter they would not take her because she was too slender for modeling. Watching my daughter’s modeling career blossom with the guidance and work of Helena Lines is fantastic. Helena put my daughter in magazines and she has beautiful tearsheets including a cover! Helena assured us that there is a market for everyone and showed my daughter how gorgeous she is in photographs. Her confidence has increased and she has the tools to work in the modeling industry. A great investment!

Colleen Uytterhagen Mother of Model
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